Vaccination status of school aged children

Dear Primary Care colleagues, 

The School Aged Vaccination Services have been working extremely hard to ensure that eligible children for HPV, Td/IPV booster and Men AWCY have been vaccinated.  The challenges of the past year with school closures together with whole school years, classes and bubbles being absent from school has made this an extremely difficult year for our Providers where despite putting on clinics in the community, many school children remain unvaccinated.  

During this unprecedented time, and in the spirit of making every contact count, we would be grateful if you could check the vaccination status of school aged children during routine GP appointments.  If they have not received their vaccinations, (Td/IPV, Men ACWY, HPV doses 1 or 2 or MMR doses 1 or 2) practices should vaccinate, update the patient record and inform your local School Vaccination Service.  An item of service payment will be made.  For ease of reference the table below gives details of eligible cohorts. 



HPV doses 1 and 2 for boys and girls

12 and 13 (Year 8)

Td/IPV for boys and girls

13 to 14 (Year 9

Men ACWY for boys and girls

13 to 14 (Year 9)


Anyone who has not had either dose


Td/IPV and MMR vaccinations given at the practice will be collected within the data extraction into CQRS for the achievement month.  

HPV is a manual entry in CQRS and any vaccinations given outside of the usual cohort can be added as part of the monthly entry.  

MenACWY will only extract patients within the cohort age range of 14 years up to 25.  Therefore any vaccinations given to children aged 13-14 will not be extracted.  Our payments team can update the entry for you but will need a screen shot from your clinical system that shows the number of additional vaccinations given during the month being claimed.  

Please contact our team at if you have any queries or a payment claim. 

Kind Regards 

London Immunisation Team

NHS England and NHS Improvement - London Region