Vaccination of under-18s deferral period extended for those recovering from COVID-19

Previously the Green Book advised that vaccination should be deferred until clinical recovery from COVID-19 infection to around four weeks after onset of symptoms or four weeks from the first confirmed positive specimen in those who are asymptomatic. It also recognised that vaccination of individuals who may be infected but asymptomatic or incubating COVID-19 infection is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on the illness.

As a precautionary measure after review of the latest clinical data by JCVI, UKHSA have updated the Green Book to amend this deferral period to 12 weeks for those under 18. At the point of care prior to vaccination, local teams should ask all individuals under 18 not at higher risk whether they have had a lab-confirmed (PCR) COVID infection in the last 12 weeks. This will be updated in the pre-screening questions in the Point of Care Systems in due course.