Urgent Care Plan Programme: update on our transition from CMC

Dear Colleagues

As many of you will know from our pervious updates, Coordinate My Care is being replaced in London by the Urgent Care Plan. The contract for the Coordinate My Care service will terminate on 31 March 2022. From the 1 April, the care planning service will transfer to South West London CCG, the host of the Urgent Care Plan. 

However, the existing care planning application, log-ins and in-context links will remain active and supported by the existing helpdesk team. Users currently creating and viewing CMC care plans can therefore continue to do so. Organisations that currently receive a data feed to enable manual flagging of care plans will continue to receive this data. There will therefore be no gap in the provision of a care planning service until the new Urgent Care Plan (UCP) is ready to go live.  

The UCP project team is currently working with multiple vendors to achieve interoperability between the future Urgent Care Plan and Electronic Patient Records in use across London. This includes EMIS, TPP SystmOne, the London Shared Care Record (provided by Cerner HIE), Adastra and Cleric ePCR. Our aim is for the majority of users to access the Urgent Care Plan with a single sign on via their EPRs or the London Shared Care Record. 

For the small number of users who are not able to sign-on the care plans via their EPRs, there will be a web-portal to access care plans. 

The earliest date that the Urgent Care Plan could go live is currently the 1 July 2022. This date is subject to adequate integration with electronic patient records (EPRs) and successful migration of information currently recorded on CMC to the UCP.

The Urgent Care Plan (UCP) will enable clinicians across London to co-create and share urgent and advance care plans across clinical and organisational boundaries, integrating with electronic record keeping systems that are already being used by clinicians and the OneLondon Shared Care Record.


A reminder on progress about the Urgent Care Plan

We announced in December that a development partner has been contracted to build the Urgent Care Plan. The development is progressing well and progress to date is:

  • We have signed the contract with the digital developer.
  • We are working with suppliers of Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems to get them to integrate with our Urgent Care Plan.
  • Chaired by Dr Caroline Stirling, Clinical Director of the London Palliative and End of Life Care Strategic Clinical Network, a group of clinicians with expert knowledge of care planning have reviewed and agreed the care plan template.          
  • We have agreed the data migration strategy to migrate information from CMC to the Urgent Care Plan.
  • We have drafted and are in the process of gaining approval of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) to share patient information via the Urgent Care Plan.
  • The project team is currently considering the best and safest way to cut over from the existing CMC application to the Urgent Care Plan and a move over date has not been finalised. Regardless of the date chosen the service provision responsibility will move from The Royal Marsden to the SWL CCG on 1 April 2022. Our priority is to ensure that users continue to have access to care plans without a break in service. This means that users can and should continue to create care plans throughout this process. Urgent care services such as LAS and 111 will have continued visibility of care plans, throughout this process.



  • Agreeing the training plan that will familiarise users with the functionalities that the Urgent Care Plan will provide.
  • Implementing integrations between the Urgent Care Plan, EMIS, SystmOne, Cerner HIE and Adastra.
  • Arranging for a desk top client to be installed on the desktop of EMIS and SystmOne users, which will enable the Urgent Care Plan to be launched in context of patient records.
  • The clinical group will consider data fields that can be displayed to the Urgent Care Plan, drawing information from EMIS or SystmOne.
  • Arranging for DPIAs to be locally agreed.
  • Designing a logo and website for the Urgent Care Plan.


What we need from current CMC system users

In preparation of the transition, CMC system users will be notified of actions required to support the transition to the Urgent Care Plan. This includes:

  • Start work to ensure that all draft CMC care plans are finalised and published (i.e. clinically approved).
  • Start processing all outstanding MyCMC patient requests. The MyCMC patient portal will no longer be available from 1st April 2022.
  • Start contacting patients who have a restricted record, to offer them the option for their record to be un-restricted. Restricted records will not be migrated to the Urgent Care Plan.
  • Please check if your primary care IT teams are engaged with the UCP Programme so that they are equipped with the correct guide and installation pack needed to implement the desktop client needed by EMIS and SystmOne users.

Click here to access further details and instructions for CMC system users on what you need to do to prepare for and manage the transition from CMC. Actions are required for:

  • Draft Care Plans
  • MyCMC Outstanding Tasks
  • Restricted Records


Further information about the plans to transition to the new system can be found in the UCP Programme FAQs (PDF document).

Further information is on the South West London Health and Care Partnership web pages.