Updating configuration settings ahead of patients accessing online records

There are now just 8 weeks until patients with online accounts, such as through the NHS App (or other patient online apps), will be able to view new entries in their health records. Immediate action is required by general practices to ensure that they are ready for the planned change on 1 November 2022, and that their clinical system is updated to allow prospective (future) record access to patients.

Clinical system suppliers (EMIS and TPP) have identified the need for general practices to update their organisation (global) settings for online services. In order for patients to receive online access to their prospective (future) records from 1 November, as set out in the letter to general practice staff in July, this needs to be updated manually by the individual practice (as data controller) before this date.

Detailed instructions, including guidance for your practice, can be found on the NHS Digital website.