Update: NHS Urgent and Emergency care winter campaign in NEL

To help reduce pressure on our NHS services across NEL, particularly hospital emergency departments, on 20 December 2021 NEL CCG launched a targeted, social marketing campaign to encourage people to access the right services for lower priority health concerns.

Based on research on who is likely to show up at A&E unnecessarily we are focussing on parents of children and those aged 18-40, amongst others. 

In February thousands of 160 character length texts went out to patients across each NEL ICP with a link to the campaign page.

They went to patients aged 18-40 (4 Feb in CH and BHR and 25 Feb in TNW). They led to big spikes in visits to our websites on those days and the days following, with tens of thousdands of visits. Each web visit was for around 5mins which is much longer than average.

On 25 March we sent a follow up text linking to the campaign page, which will carry a new campaign video.  

The NHS can help you find the best service for your needs: pharmacy, GP or NHS 111. Find your route to urgent care: https://northeastlondonccg.nhs.uk/urgentcare

  • A new video animation is here, and we encourage you to use it on your practice screens and social media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWPScdTen1M 
  • The campaign website is here and is clear that you can often treat minor illnesses or accidents, like coughs, colds and grazes at home with over the counter medicines (pharmacists can offer advice), supported with info on accessing GP services and 111. 
  • Digital screens are attached to this intranet page and you can download the actual digital campaign assets directly here. They include posters, leaflets, screens, animations and quizzes. If you want to print the leaflet it is here.
  • A messages toolkit is attached
  • These campaign visuals and adverts have been shown over 11 million times, targeted by cohort and geography (near A&Es) both online (social media adverts –IG, FB and Twitter - and adverts on websites and in apps) and as digital billboards, with an aim to reach an audience of nearly 1 million people. They carry their own message but track back here northeastlondonccg.nhs.uk/urgentcare 
  • Please do download the assets and use them on your own social channels, follow and retweet our messages on twitter or link to our campaign page. Suggested tweets and messages are also attached.