Third Phase of the NHS Response to Covid 19: Care of People with a Learning Disability

All practices are reminded that they should undertake the following actions as outlined in the letter dated 31 July on the Third Phase of the NHS Response to Covid-19.

  • GP practices should ensure that everybody with a Learning Disability is identified on their register
  • Ensure annual health checks are completed
  • Ensure access to screening and flu vaccinations is proactively arranged.

As a minimum, by 31 March 2021, practices must reach an annual rate of seeing at least 67% of people on their learning disability register through higher quality health checks.

This is supported by existing payment arrangements under the DES and new support expected through the Investment and Impact Fund commencing in October to improve uptake. One of the two new QI modules in this year’s revised QOF is also expected to focus on restoring delivery of the care of people with a Learning Disability.