Shingles Immunisation Programme: Update to eligibility, Refreshed toolkit.

Re: Shingles Immunisation Programme: Update to eligibility, Refreshed toolkit.

This letter is to provide an update on the shingles immunisation programme and share a new London-wide resource for implementation.

Eligibility for shingles vaccination

Since 1st September 2020, the eligibility criteria have become simpler. Data from the first 5 years of the programme showed a marked impact in reducing shingles consultations and hospitalisations.

• Anyone between the ages of 70 and 79 years is now eligible to receive the vaccine, if there are no contra-indications and they have not received a previous shingles vaccination.
• Shingles (catch-up) eligibility

Those who have turned 80 years during the COVID-19 pandemic and missed the opportunity to be vaccinated can still be offered shingles vaccine unless contraindicated, up to the 31 December 2020. For further information please refer to:

The Shingles Vaccination Toolkit

We have updated our London-wide toolkit, with information and advice on how to improve uptake, focusing on changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be accessed online here:

We would encourage you to regularly view your practice uptake rates for the Shingles vaccine on the ImmForm website:

It is more important than ever to protect this vulnerable group, reduce hospitalisations and prevent suffering with the pain of shingles, particularly for those in isolation.

Shingles vaccine uptake continues to decline year on year. Please take every opportunity to vaccinate eligible individuals to reverse this decline and maximise the impact of the programme.

If you have any further queries, please email them to
We are grateful for your continued support of the shingles immunisation programme.

Yours faithfully

Dr Catherine Heffernan, FFPH, D.Phil, FRSS
Principal Advisor for Commissioning Early Years, Immunisations and Vaccination Services at NHS England & Improvement (London Region),
Public Health England/NHS England (London Region),
(Hon) Associate Professor of Public Health, LSHTM

Further resources:
• September 2020 edition of VaccineUpdate with briefing on shingles:
• ShinglesAware website by MSD with information about Shingles and a video encouraging patients to get vaccinated: