Roll out of Antibody Testing in Primary Care

The government recently announced the start of the antibody testing programme to provide antibody tests to NHS and care staff in England from the end of May.  Antibody testing is a key part of the Government’s testing programme and will play an increasingly important role as we move into the next phase of responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Primary Care have been tasked to set up their own arrangements for Antibody testing and to ensure all staff are offered a test within 6 weeks. 

Each CCG is now working jointly with their respective Acute Trust and other partner organisations to set up pathways to deliver the testing programme.  This follows Tower Hamlets successfully piloting their pathway and sharing the useful early learning at the beginning of June.

The antibody test will help us understand how far the virus has spread across our communities. We do not currently know how long an antibody response to the virus lasts, nor whether having antibodies means a person cannot transmit the virus to others.  Our understanding of the virus will grow as new scientific evidence and studies emerge. 

If you test positive, you must continue following guidance on social distancing and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep you, your family and friends, and patients stay safe from coronavirus. 

CCGs will be updating practices on the arrangements for testing of their staff in the coming weeks.  

For more information on antibody tests: