Remote consultation – good practice guidance

Dear Colleagues,

Remote consultation – good practice guidance

This guidance document entitled ‘London Networks good practice guidance to determine
suitability of remote consultation v 1.0’ was developed collaboratively between the Clinical
Networks and Operational Delivery networks. The guidance is iterative in nature and will be
further developed as experience and evidence from system implementation accumulates.

The document is designed as an aid to use as a good practice guide alongside clinical
judgement; it is not prescriptive. The authors encourage you to refer to slide 4 which has been
designed as a quick reference guide that signposts to further information in the document
(particularly factors 1-8 in slides 9-16).

If you have further questions around this guidance or would like to request the most recent
version, please contact the London Clinical Advisory Group by emailing

The document will also be disseminated through a variety of other routes. The London Clinical
Advisory Group have also recommended that this be shared for further discussion and
communication, and the NHS Futures platform provides an established way of achieving this:

• Clinical Networks and the Operational Delivery Networks
• NHS Futures platform – this can be accessed via
• Academic Health Science Networks providing the support to trusts via attend
• Trust leads for remote consultation
Please send any feedback on this document to

Yours sincerely

Jane Clegg

Joint Regional Chief Nurse Director of
Nursing – Professional and System
Development Co-Chair London Clinical
Advisory Group