Reminder that shingles vaccines cannot be co-administered with COVID-19 vaccination

We know that clinicians often use the flu programme as a way of opportunistically offering shingles vaccine to eligible people this is an effective way of getting people to have the shingles vaccine. Flu, shingles and PPV vaccinations can all be co-administered, and a fair proportion are administered in this way each year.

However, we wanted to remind you the shingles vaccine cannot be co-administered with COVID-19, and there needs to be a gap of at least 7 days. As ever, before you vaccinate for COVID-19 please check if your patient has received their shingles vaccine in the last week and refer the green book for more details, as well as reinvite/book the patient in for a subsequent shingles vaccine if applicable. The question in the point of care systems remains to ensure a check is in place.