Reminder - Prioritising autumn COVID-19 vaccination of the housebound

As outlined in the NHSE letter of 18 August and in line with JCVI advice, providers should prioritise COVID-19 vaccinations of housebound citizens.

The GP COVID-19 vaccination Enhanced Service specification (phase 5) states that for the vaccination of housebound patients a £10 payment (in addition to the £10.06 vaccination administration fee) will be payable. If a GP practice is participating in the Phase 5 ES, they should vaccinate their housebound citizens or make alternative arrangements.

GP practices not participating in the Phase 5 ES should work with their local commissioner to ensure all housebound citizens that are registered with them are vaccinated.

Housebound citizens must not be referred to the 119 service as they cannot facilitate home vaccinations. GPs not participating in the Phase 5 ES should refer housebound citizens according to arrangements agreed with their local commissioner and ensure all staff (including at the reception) are aware of this.