Reduced level of service available via the Newham MSK service

The Newham MSK service (primary care referrals) comprising of the Orthopaedic Triage Service, Pain Service and Physiotherapy Services is currently operating a reduced service via telephone, video or face to face appointments as appropriate. They have suspended patient self referral, however are informing patients to re-use this pathway in the future.

Please continue to refer ONLY urgent physiotherapy patients that match the criteria outlined in section 16 (p.12) of the NHSE/I guidance:

  • Post-elective surgery
  • Post fracture

The MSK Single Point of Access (SPA) will continue to triage patients and arrange appropriate management. 

The pain service has suspended new referrals - any new referrals will be returned. They will continue to provide telephone support to a small number of patients who are mid-treatment.

Please also continue to refer emergency and urgent MSK pathology using existing locally agreed pathways. This is outside of the Newham MSK model. 

Please read this letter for more information.