Recovery of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme in London

To support the information below - Cervical Screening London has produced the attached update leaflet.

Following the launch of The NHS is Open for Business campaign last week, we are revising the advice of 31 March 2020, for taking cervical samples.

Cervical screening services for high risk patients is being resumed from 7 June, and women identified as high risk should now be offered the opportunity to have a cervical screening.

At this stage, priority should be given to:
• patients who are HIV positive;
• patients with a previous cytological abnormality who:
o have not attended for assessment at colposcopy;
o have been assessed and treated at colposcopy and are due for a Test of Cure sample to be taken
• patients with a mental health issue which is exacerbated by the lack of access to cervical screening
• Any patient whose recall interval is shorter than the routine for her age group.

If practices have the capacity to offer additional screens beyond these groups, consideration may be given to screening women who have already received an invitation or reminder letter.

Please note you will need to email or call the CSL laboratory collections service on or 020 7307 7373 to arrange sample collection and transport.

Infection control should follow the guidelines set out according to setting

Yours sincerely
Director – Primary Care and Public Health Commissioning