Promote Healthwatch survey: Voices of disabled residents

Disabled residents have faced more difficulties during Covid. Healthwatch is trying to find out what can be done to make things better.

If you have a health condition that impacts your daily life, we want to understand your experience of health and social care information and services during the Covid-19 pandemic. The aims is to address any challenges disabled residents may be facing now and to plan services for the future. 

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Make a difference. Improve lives ­– including your own.

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Voices of disabled residents

The eight North East London local Healthwatch, in partnership with the East London Health and Care Partnership (the eight councils and 12 NHS organisations in East London), are conducting a programme of community insights gathering with disabled residents.

The impact of Covid 19 and how services have changed as a result is likely to be highlighted within this group. We want to understand how that can inform service delivery in the future. This is a large project and will be broken down into three Stages. The first two Stages are exploratory research and the third will develop recommendations for future service provision.

The first Stage is a questionnaire to be conducted over the phone by trained staff, community insights researchers and volunteers from within our communities.  

We really need your help to reach a wide breadth of disabled residents. This could be through:

  • Referring potential participants to their local Healthwatch who will administer the questionnaire; and/or
  • Administer the questionnaire from your own organisation; and/or
  • Passing on the on-line link to potential participants.

It is important, of course, that during this first Stage, we capture core information from across the disabled spectrum and, therefore, we would be grateful if you could possibly bear the following criteria in mind when inviting participants ie the sample will include:

  • Those with disabilities covering:
    • Learning
    • Physical
      • Sensory
      • Mental
      • Those who have had COVID-19 and those who have not;
      • Those who regularly use health and/or social care services;
      • An age range between 18-65+;
      • A range of those from different ethnic backgrounds within the context of each local borough;
      • Those from all wards in each area; and
      • Those who are known as well as those who are not necessarily registered or known to either statutory and/or community organisations.

      Stage 2 will be using qualitative methodologies and the sample will be based on the findings from Stage 1.