Primary care laptop updates required across BHR

Over the course of the pandemic, a number of laptop updates were suspended to help ensure a smooth delivery of service. As we continue to shift towards a new normal, laptops across the patch will require a number of standard and remote updates to take place over the coming months on a rolling basis.

Laptop users are required to switch on the device and connect to practice/public or home wifi to run a series of standard updates. It’s important that devices are not connected to the internet via the SIM card or MiFi device where these are being used as this will drain any data allowance and will be very slow to update. We ask that any laptops that’ve been stored or not used for a while also undergo this process.

In addition to the standard updates, NHS North East London will also be running a number of remote updates, completed outside of normal operating hours. Please ensure laptops are connected to the wifi network and left on overnight on 30th September for the first batch of updates to complete.

From November 1, Internet Explorer compatibility will end and you’ll be required to use Edge as the default browser. This will be set on the device to default to Edge as part of the update process we will be running.