Pregnancy and vaccination


Pregnancy and vaccination

Since 16 April, the JCVI has recommended that pregnant women should be offered the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines alongside the general population.

We sent a letter on 30 July to all maternity and primary care services asking them to make every contact count in providing evidence-based advice to women on the benefits of vaccination in pregnancy for them and their babies.

Vaccination sites must also be prepared and have capacity in place to provide this essential advice. You can access Public Health England and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists leaflets to help support answering any questions or concerns pregnant women may have around the vaccine.

Latest data published on 25 July by UKOSS suggests that the Delta variant is associated with an increased risk of severe illness among hospitalised pregnant women, compared with the Alpha and ‘wildtype’ variants of previous waves. The research also shows that of 171 pregnant women admitted to hospital between 16 May and 11 July, none had been fully vaccinated.

Guidance for vaccination sites on providing vaccination in pregnancy can be found here. More detailed guidance and evidence on vaccination in pregnancy for clinicians can be found in chapter 14a of the Green Book, and on the RCOG website.