PPE Customer Insight Newsletter Non-Acute – November 2021

Issue 2 - November 2021

Welcome our new monthly PPE primary care newsletter. We aim to provide you with key information on any issues or changes to products and services, as well as update you on any latest insights from our PPE customer panels.

Your contribution is always valued, please do let us know if there is anything you would like to see in future editions so we can continue to improve the information we send you.

Moira Philpott, Deputy Director – Customer Insight Primary and Non- Acute Care

Key Messages

This month's key messages for your immediate attention

Centrally funded PPE consultation
The deadline for providing feedback on the future of extending centrally funded PPE to the health and care sector closed on 31st October. Analysis of the feedback is currently under way and we expect to provide you with an update on the outcome in mid-December.

Dental FFP3 Diversification and Resilience Principles
We continue to work closely with dental colleagues reviewing the profile of FFP3 masks used by the profession. We are encouraging staff to be fit tested to at least two models of FFP3 for both user comfort and as mitigation against any unforeseen supply issues over the winter months. Non-acute FFP3 communications outlining resilience principles will be shared with Dental colleagues through the Business Services Authority, PPE ePortal, and regional PPE leads.

Sample packs of UK Make FFP3 masks will be made available via the ePortal for dentists. The sample packs demonstrate the range of masks now available for order and are intended to support staff fit testing to multiple models. This approach has been discussed and agreed with Local Dental Network Chairs.

Latest Updates

  • Rapid Action Task Force Update
  • Powered hoods accessories
  • Christmas deliveries
  • Useful contacts
  • Panel meetings

Rapid action task force update

PFF Apron APRN0012 – In early November, perforation issues with roll aprons was identified. Testing identified that the perforations were not ideal on the first few aprons in each roll. Please take extra care when tearing aprons from the roll. It is advised that the aprons be dispensed from a dispenser to avoid tearing in the wrong place. You may need to use scissors to get a better cut. If problems persist, please contact complaints and enquiries; ppe.complaintsandenquiries@nhs.net and we will put you in contact with the manufacturer for a replacement.

Powered hoods accessories

Powered hoods accessories and spares. are available for mutual aid via Regional PPE Leads. Anyone requiring spares should speak to their Regional PPE Lead in the first instance.

e-portal Christmas deliveries update

For ePortal customers, this is a reminder for you to continue ordering the PPE you need for the COVID-19 pandemic through the PPE Portal, free of charge, in the run up to the Christmas period.
During this time, the PPE Portal will be operational, however deliveries will be at a reduced capacity. To ensure adequate stock, we recommend placing orders earlier than you might usually, in order to allow appropriate time for delivery.

Please note that the ePortal customer service line (0800 876 6802) will be closed on the following days:

  • Saturday 25 December to Tuesday 28 December.
  • Saturday 1 January to Tuesday 4 January.

Useful Contacts

To contact the non-acute PPE customer demand team and for all other queries please email NonAcutePPECustomerDemand@dhsc.gov.uk

Single Point of Contact for Complaints
PPE complaints and enquiries should be reported to the SPOC ppe.complaintsandenquiries@nhs.net

Delivery queries should be reported via landline on 0800 876 68

PPE Enquiries Desk
For queries (not complaints) regarding PPE products supplied by DHSC please contact productqueries@ppeenquiries.com

Panel Meetings 

Our ongoing engagement panels continue to gather feedback from colleagues across the health system to ensure PPE quality and supply is meeting frontline service demand. The purpose of the panels is to give end-user customers the opportunity to speak on behalf of their peers about their personal experiences of COVID PPE supplied by DHSC. We have established the below panels, which involve a time commitment of approximately one hour every month.

Please note, we have a newly established Independent Sector Provider panel and have restarted the Independent Hospitals panel.

  • Dental Panel - 2 December 2021
  • Independent Sector Providers – 7 December *New panel
  • Hospice panel - 8 December 2021
  • General Practice Panel -7 January 2022
  • Optometry Panel – 19 January 2022
  • Community Nursing Panel - 26 January 2022
  • Pharmacy Panel - 27 January 2022
  • Independent Hospitals – December/January (Date TBC) *Panel restarted

If you are interested in joining one of the panels, please email NonAcutePPECustomerDemand@dhsc.gov.uk to express your interest.