Pilot BHRUT Cardiology Service Referral Pathway

To assist with triaging and prioritisation of your patients, BHRUT Cardiology have requested that we make a change to the current pathway, asking GPs to arrange a 12 lead ECG prior to referring their patients to any cardiac clinic. This will start on Monday 25 May 20 and will be reviewed in July 2020.

Broomwell ECG Interpretation Service, offer a service to clinically interpret 12 lead ECG tests that you carry out and then return the report to your practice. This is a fast and easy way to assess and aid diagnosis for the patients in your practice with a suspected cardiac problem. Once you have received your report from Broomwell you will need to upload/append the Broomwell report to your e-RS referral for your chosen service. 

Most practices in BHR have access to the Broomwell ECG Interpretation Service, however, if you do not have access to this service or would like further information about the Broomwell 12 Lead ECG Interpretation service please contact Simon Clarke in the primary care team by email at simon.clarke7@nhs.net

In addition, if you intend to refer your patient to the Rapid Access Heart Failure Diagnostic clinic (following raised serum NT-ProBNP test result), GPs will need to arrange an Echo through your community providers (details below). This should be arranged in the normal way through e-RS. These results will also need to be attached to your BNP e-RS referral. 

Diagnostic:  Cardiology Havering and Barking and Dagenham

Provider:      Omnes (formerly Concordia) Barking and Dagenham and Havering.
Locations:    Hainault Health Centre IG7 4DF (Redbridge)
                       Barking Community Hospital IG11 9LX (B&D) 
                       Porters Avenue Doctors Surgery RM8 2EQ (B&D)
                       Harold Wood Polyclinic RM3 0FE (Havering)

Diagnostic:  Cardiology Redbridge

Provider:      PML
Locations:    Geoffrey Lloyd Foulkes Clinic, 27 York Road, Ilford IG1 3AD
                      Southdene Surgery, The Shrubberies, George Lane, E18 1B