Patient Initiated Follow Ups (PIFU) in Primary Care

Elective Transformation and Recovery Programme | Patient Initiated Follow Ups (PIFU) in Primary Care

NHS England and NHS Improvement — London

Patient Initiated Follow-Ups (PIFU) give patients and their carers the flexibility to arrange their follow-up appointments when they need them, replacing a fixed follow up date by their clinician. By requesting an appointment when required, PIFU aims to avoid unnecessary follow-up appointments and releasing capacity for clinicians to spend more time with the patients who most need their support, in both secondary and primary care.

To raise the awareness of PIFU in primary care, we are hosting a webinar – ‘What Primary Care Needs to Know about PIFU - demystifying the concept’’. The contents of the webinar will include an overview of PIFU, clinical and patients perspectives and shared decision making amongst others. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 26 April from 12.30 – 1:30pm.

Please find the agenda below.

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