Newham - All Phlebotomy should now be booked on Swiftqueue

Walk-in for Urgent bloods only where the result will make an immediate impact on patient management- please print URGENT on the form' 

The phlebotomy service provided by ELFT have been providing booked appointment slots since August 2021 via the Swiftqueue booking app. 

This allowed the majority of patients to book their blood appointment prior to attending at a time and date that was convenient to them. There were also a large proportion of slots made available for urgent blood appointments and patients who walked in who couldn’t book via the app and needed support with booking. This approach was to support implementation of a new booking process. 

From 7 February 2022, ELFT Phlebotomy service will no longer be offering any walk in slots. Urgent blood appointments will still be available across the day for those whose immediate management plan relies on a prompt blood test. Urgent requests will be honoured where a patient attends and their blood form shows that it was printed off as an urgent blood request. 

Please share this information with your patients and feel free to give them the ‘business cards’ when requesting their blood test so they know how to book online. Please also put the attached poster up so patients can scan the QR code to download the Swiftqueue booking app. 

Patients are also still welcome to come to the kiosks based at the four hubs to book their appointment if they have no access to a smart phone or the internet. There are banners at all sites showing step by step how to make an appointment at the kiosk. 

Additionally, where practices can and are able to assist their patients who they know have no access to an internet or smart phone, please use the attached guide to set your practice up with access to Swiftqueue. Of course this is not mandatory and patients will always be supported at the hubs to book an appointment at a kiosk. 

Thank you for your on-going support as we implement this new booking system to keep patients safe and minimise queuing at our phlebotomy hubs. 

If you have any queries please contact Cate Onanda at NEL CCG- t or