New service launched for patients and GPs to improve care

BHRUT has launched a brand-new service which allows patients and GPs to contact a dedicated helpline if they are having difficulty accessing their care or appointment.

The new Access Issues Resolution Service (AIRS) will investigate and respond to patients within 24 hours with a resolution plan for their query, which should help improve patient experience, reduce complaints and strengthen our relationship with GPs across the boroughs.

Some of the issues AIRS will resolve include patients who have not received a follow-up appointment, cancelled outpatient appointments, operations or diagnostic tests and GPs who are waiting for diagnostic test results.

While acting as an intermediary between patients, GPs and services across the hospitals, AIRS will also identify common themes to help reduce similar problems in the future.

AIRS is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, and can be contacted by email or phone (020 8970 5704).  AIRS is a separate service to PALS and cannot investigate queries such as information requests, fast tracking patients, quality concerns and clinical advice and guidance.