New public webpages for Diabetes in NEL

NEL CCG has published a new set of public facing webpages on diabetes and diabetes support programmes in NEL.

This includes information on the disease and how access support to help prevent it, better manage it and potentially put it into remission. 

It is clear that if a patient is at risk of Type 2 diabetes there are lots of small changes they can make to prevent diabetes from developing in the first place. There is information on how to find out more about the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and it is clear that GPs can refer people on to the programme.

If a patient has Type 2 diabetes, there are local programmes available to help manage it and in some cases put it into remission. The public information on the programmes GPs can refer patients on to is available below.

Eligible patients can also join information sessions on the Low-Calorie diet programme via Microsoft Teams which provide an overview on what to expect from the programme.