NEL Targeted lung health check programme - BD and Tower Hamlets

The Targeted Lung Health Check service is being introduced in Barking and Dagenham and Tower Hamlets by the North East London Cancer Alliance and partners. The aim of the programme is to identify lung cancer at an earlier stage in the 55-74 aged population who have ever smoked.

One of these partners is InHealth, who will be facilitating the invitation of your eligible patients to participate in the programme. Their team will contact each practice in the two boroughs to run a data export to identify the eligible cohort. Invitations will need to be sent in the next week to start scanning from July 2022.

Information Governance

We have been working with InHealth to establish a DPIA and Data Processing Agreement to facilitate this export and invitation. These were reviewed by the NHS North East London CCG Data Access Group and approved by the NHS North East London CCG Information Governance Steering Group to provide you with reassurance.

Actions for GP Practice

1. Log on to the Data Controller Console.
2. Review and accept the:

a) Data Sharing Agreement,
b) Data Processing Agreement, and
c) Data Protection Impact Assessment.

What Happens Next?

Once InHealth receive a notification from the DCC that you have accepted the documents, a member of their Customer Operations team will be in touch to organise the data export.

EMIS Clinical System Practices

InHealth will contact a nominated Practice team member to log on to a remote connection to your clinical system. MIQUEST will be used via your EMIS log in to run the searches, these then run overnight and collected the following day. The search results will be exported to InHealth over HSCN network to be loaded into the TLHC software to enable patients to be invited to an appointment.

The process should take no more than 10-15 mins in total, and we ask that the Practice team member monitors the search to ensure the Practice is happy with the process.

TPP Clinical System Practices

As you will be aware TPP removed their support for the MIQUEST data export functionality from SystmOne as of 4 April 2022. InHealth have developed a new solution using SystmOne’s Strategic Reporting tool to export the data. Using the TPP table SRCode in SystmOne we can export the required data for our specific cohort of patients (55-74 years
and 364 days).

Practices will be requested to join the InHealth SystmOne Reporting Group. Your Practice will be sent a SystmOne Task inviting you to join the North East London - Targeted Lung Health Check 55-74 (InHealth Intelligence). Please see the attached TPP SystmOne Reporting Group Guidance Notes, to assist you with this task.

A Customer Operations team member will collect the data from the TPP Data Warehouse, and load into the TLHC software to enable patients to be invited to an appointment.  

Please download a copy of the letter in full.