Moorfields Eye Hospital A&E Referral Pathway - Reminder

Following a recent increase in referrals to Moorfields Eye Hospital, primary care colleagues are reminded about the available pathways for patients requiring eye casualty:

  • Please use the Eye Cas Referral Map to identify a suitable local ophthalmic A&E unit for your patient to attend in the first instance
  • If your patient is already under the care of another unit, please refer them back there for assessment if required
  • If no local options are available and you believe your patient needs to be seen at Moorfields, please contact their GP direct dial line for information and advice prior to referral: 020 7521 4682. Please do not refer any patient to Moorfields A&E without telephoning first.

Further information on pathways and services available from Moorfields are available on the NEL GP intranet pages.

For further questions or to raise any concerns, please contact Dr Gordon Hay, Service Director, on