Moorfields A&E Update 23 March

Message from Dr. Gordon Hay, Service Director, A&E & Urgent Care Services

Dear GP/Optom Colleagues,

I hope this finds you all well. After two years of Covid we have all adapted to new ways for working. Moorfields A&E has now done almost 28000 remote emergency consultations on Attend Anywhere and it has now been rolled out across all other Moorfields Services. Last year we won a HSJ Award for best use of technology in patient care.

Emergency Referrals

At the start of Covid, we installed two direct dial phones –for GPs and Optometrists. It has been hugely beneficial to both referral groups as in many cases, there are alternatives to A&E. We have rapid access pathways across all our specialities which can be accessed via A&E.

Sadly, we are seeing a steep rise in patients being sent from community optometrists and GPs without discussion or referral. In many cases these were inappropriate. Often, there were closer alternatives for the patients or other pathways that could have been used.

It is essential that all referrals which are geographically appropriate for Moorfields are telephoned through to us in the first instance. If your patient is accepted, please write the accepting doctor’s name on your referral letter.

The direct dial number to on call A&E is: 020 7521 4682

Local referral Pathways

In at least 50% of referrals telephoned to us there are closer alternatives. We are keen that patients are sent to the closest available unit to avoid unnecessary travel into Central London. It is also in the patient’s best interests to be seen in the closest unit.

If a patient is already under the care of another unit, please refer them back there for assessment if required.

Eye Cas Referral Map

Please use this map to guide you to the closest Eye Casualty unit for advice or referral.  This map is constantly updated with the latest referral pathways in to Ophthalmic A&E units.

Or Google London Eye casualty map

Virtual Emergency Triage

We are happy to provide emergency triage consultations on our Attend Anywhere platform for those cases that GPs feel unable to manage. Many of the GPs I have spoken with are continuing to provide ophthalmic care for routine cases – e.g. dry eyes, simple conjunctivitis, blepharitis etc.

For more complex cases we are happy to see patients within our catchment area (North Central London) if there is no closer provision.

Please note that patients are pre-screened to check that they are within our area. We do not have capacity to provide this service across the whole of London. The Eye Cas Map will direct you to the closest unit if Moorfields is not your closest.

Please advise your patients that this is a triage tool – not an examination tool as many expect that they will be examined virtually. This is not yet possible.

Link to Virtual Emergency Triage:

For those patients who are inappropriate for us, e.g. South, North, & West London we will divert them back to you for onward referral to your local unit.

24 hour Eye Casualty Units:

  • North: Royal Free
  • West: Wester Ophthalmic
  • Central: Moorfields
  • East: Royal London
  • South: Kings/St George’s

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

With best wishes to all of you. 

Gordon Hay
Service Director
Moorfields A&E/Urgent Care