Monkeypox CAS alert and guidance for primary care

UKHSA has been notified of a number of confirmed cases of monkeypox virus, including five in London, one in the South East and one in the North East. Some of the cases do not have any identified travel links with West Africa.

Read here for an update from Helene Browne, NHS London Medical Director

NHSE has issued guidance for primary care on Monkeypox.

A CAS alert has been issued with the following immediate actions:

  • providers to ensure that they have appropriate PPE for the assessment and treatment of patients presenting with possible monkeypox virus
  • services should consider a differential diagnosis of monkeypox virus in any patient who meets the case definitions in the CAS alert
  • inform local IPC teams and infectious disease/microbiology/virology consultants if a diagnosis of monkeypox virus is being considered so that appropriate testing and infection control measures can be implemented.