Monitoring repeat prescription quantities

We are receiving reports that some GPs are writing prescriptions for significantly longer durations of medicines than usual. 

These actions put a strain on the supply chain and exacerbate any potential shortages. They also significantly increase the community pharmacy teams’ workload. 

Practices are asked to review their repeat prescribing processes at this time and ensure each repeat prescription should be for no longer than the patient has been routinely set up for. 

To help manage the repeat prescribing process practices should consider putting all suitable patients on electronic repeat dispensing as their next repeat prescriptions are issued. This will support reduced workload for the practice and help the community pharmacist control their workload.   

The whole repeatable prescription can be valid for a year, but each repeat should be for no longer than the patient has now. For example, if the patient has prescriptions for a month’s supply now, then the repeat dispensing should be set up as 13 x 28 days supply.”  

Resources to help set up repeat dispensing: