Menu of digital support for GPs: online and video consultation

With the emergence of Covid-19, GP practices across the country had to implement online and video consultation at pace so to enable remote management of patients and remote working for staff.

We recognise that the switch from a traditional to an online consultation-based patient access model requires significant change across many different areas. To support practices in their switch to OC/VC, a large number of materials (e.g. guides) have been produced across England. We reviewed all existing national, regional or local resources and collated key ones into this menu of support.

This Menu of Support has been developed to assist GP practices across North East London on their digital journey to deliver total triage using online consultations at their practice and to maximise the use of online and video consultations.

Key resources across ten main themes include online and video consultations, remote working, promoting digital tools in practice, hands on support, or health and wellbeing for staff. Each section contains a mix of links to guides, toolkits, forums, webinars, podcasts, case studies, training modules, videos, top tips and key contacts.