Making long COVID referrals: reducing rejection rates

Please remember that when making long COVID referrals you need to: 

  • Use the correct form (do not use an old form which you may have saved, otherwise this will result in a rejection) 
  • Complete the form in full. If you’re not using the digital OneContact form, make sure you fill in all of it, or if using OneContact then fill in the first section of the form only and attach the completed patient questionnaire. 
  • Ensure tests are documented within the mandated timeframe 
  • Attach the competed patient questionnaire to the referral (blank or incomplete patient questionnaires will result in a rejection)
  • Send the form to the correct location (instructions for each borough are on this web page

The number of rejections is still too high, and we are doing all we can to support GPs to reduce this through providing: 

All resources are available via this link: