#LookingAfterYouToo: Coaching support for primary care staff

It is recognised that frontline primary care staff who are involved in the delivery of Primary Care services, both clinical and non-clinical, are facing unprecedented challenges through Covid-19.  The NHS is keen ensure that all staff delivering frontline primary care services feel supported to maintain their psychological wellbeing during this time, enabling them to maintain the delivery of frontline primary care.

Individual free coaching support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach.  This will be a space for you to offload the demands of whatever you are experiencing and be supported in developing practical strategies for dealing with this.  It might be that through a one-off conversation you have all the strategies you need to cope with your situation and stay well.  Or you might find a few sessions helpful. It is all led by you.

Who is it for? 

All staff working in the delivery of Primary care Services. You will be either employed by the NHS or working with and NHS funded employer delivering an NHS funded Primary Care contract.  

For further information and how to register and book a coaching session follow this link to the Our NHS People website #LookingAfterYouToo