London Urgent Care Plan (UCP) go-live

The technical developments for the London Urgent Care Plan have been completed and tested.  The UCP Programme Board has approved the recommendation that the current care planning application cuts over to the solution on the 27 July. 

What happens next:

  • The current CMC care planning application will remain in use until the 27 July. Users can continue to create and update care plans using their existing log-in credentials
  • The process to begin migrating data currently held in the CMC solution will begin.
  • Training videos and guides for the Urgent care plan are available and can be cascaded
  • Existing CMC users will be contacted by e-mail with information to prepare for cutover. 

What actions should continue in the lead up to go-live:

  • Existing CMC users should continue to publish and edit CMC plans.
  • EMIS and TPP system users should configure the Valida client and register their smartcards.
  • DRAFT CMC plans must be published before the 24th of July.  No draft care plans will be migrated to the new solution.
  • Stakeholders are invited to attend UCP roadshows:
  • UCP champions should cascade UCP training via local networks. 

For any queries, please visit the UCP website for an extensive range of resources

Urgent Care Plan Programme

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