KeepingWell in NEL

KeepingWell in NEL 

The past ten months have put huge pressure on all staff- both clinical and non-clinical and the KeepingWellNEL platform has been established to support wellbeing in real-time through an easily accessible and culturally sensitive service- have you been to this website yet? It is easily accessed through any digital advice so easy to access on the go for our staff across NEL. The platform also provides signposting and fast-tracked referral where requested, to other support services. The service is provided by ELFT and NELFT.

When can I access KeepingWell? 

The platform is open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays. 

What makes this platform different to other wellbeing resources?

  • 100% confidential - chat or speak about struggles and wellbeing needs with a trained wellbeing professional
  • Wellbeing support and signposting to any further available services based on identified needs
  • If needed, support with the identification of common or serious mental health difficulties, to assess signpost and fast-track referrals into existing services (IAPT, Access, ETC).
  • Live Access (chat) to spiritual support and chaplaincy, employment support advice, debt management advice, dietary and nutrition advice and stress management advice.
  • Interactive webinars focussed on MSK and physical activities, including yoga, mindfulness and resilience.

**pending if you have space additional info below to include** 

  • Live Access (chat) to 

o    Spiritual support and chaplaincy

o    Employment support advice

o    Debt management advice and curated exclusive Discounts and offers

o    Dietary and nutrition advice

o    Guided stress management and relaxation advice. 

  • Access to interactive webinars focussed on the above but also: 

o    MSK and Physical activities webinars

o    Yoga

o    Mindfulness

o    Resilience

  • Access to Computerised CBT for Resilience, Covid Anxiety, Stress and other common emotional wellbeing difficulties
  • Access to a suite of recorded webinars 
  • Access to bite-sized webinars and follow-up Q&A Sessions
  • Access and signposting to emergency food hampers provision (as needed/available).  

Team support (upon request and as available in individual Trusts):

  • Bespoke Crisis leadership Interactive webinars 
  • Bespoke Resilience webinars
  • Reflective groups (Schwarts/Balint, etc)