Invitation to the HARMONIE study - RSV in infants

We'd like to invite you to participate in HARMONIE, a Phase IIIb randomised study to evaluate nirsevimab to prevent hospitalisations due to respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants. 

Nirsevimab could make an impact to reduce the 83 deaths4, 45,136 admissions2, 450,138 GP visits2, and £76 million annual economic cost to the NHS1,2,3,4 resulting from RSV infection in UK infants each year. HARMONIE is aiming to recruit 12,000 infants across the UK and your participation will make an impact to help UK sites reach their target. 

We recognise that practice time is precious and are therefore asking you to participate in HARMONIE as a PIC site, to simply refer eligible patients to a local trial site without your staff administering treatment. Your practice will be reimbursed £80 for every one of your patients that enrolls into HARMONIE. 

As part of HARMONIE all UK CRN's are rolling out a clinical research tool called uMed, an easy-to-use web app that will enable practices to participate with less than 30 minutes of your time. uMed will provide the practice with a list of eligible patients for simple approval by a uMed GCP trained nurse and then manage patient contact and support on your behalf. 

If you would like to participate please contact your local CRN ([Ginette Hoare <] or contact Abi Dhillon (