Improving referrals Saint Francis Hospice

Saint Francis Hospice specialises in providing care for any person, from any faith or cultural background, who has been diagnosed with an advanced or progressive illness.  Saint Francis Hospice offers experienced, compassionate advice and support; please use this link to see our wide range of services

The hospice works alongside GPs, community nurses and hospital specialists to help manage pain and other difficult symptoms, with an aim for comfort, as much independence as possible, and the best possible quality of life.  

The hospice team also provides care for people at the end of life, at home and at the hospice. We assess and address spiritual needs, linking in with local religious leaders and we do our best to accommodate any specific dietary requirement, custom or ritual that needs to be upheld. 

Often family and friends provide the bulk of care, this can be emotionally and physically hard. If you are caring for someone who is nearing the end of life we are here to stand by your side, supporting you with experience and care.  

If you would like to make a referral please follow this link: or ring our referrals hub on 01708 758606.