Improved referral pathway to BHR Community ENT - now live

The improved referral pathway is now live. 

This transition will provide the following benefits:

  • Quicker referral process for GP referrers process
  • Dummy slots will no longer be utilised, avoiding possible confusion for patients
  • Patients will better understand the clinical triage service and possible triage outcomes with provision of the e_RS standard triage letter
  • Clinical triage will occur prior to appointment booking
  • One stop appointments for Audiology diagnostic and ENT on the same can be offered
  • UBRNs will provide accurate information regarding the patient journey
  • A&G can be provided to the referring GP direct to their ‘Referrer action required’ worklist instead of via email this improved pathway shortly. 

Please download and use the step by step guidance. If you have any queries, please email