Important update on Long COVID services referral process

This is a reminder that you should all be using the correct referral form for patients with suspected Long COVID, otherwise it will be rejected. Please note that patients should be seen face-to-face before a referral is made. 

Please do not use previously downloaded versions of the form. 

Full instructions on how to access the correct form, and where to send it, are available on our long COVID referral pages

Please make sure you attach the completed patient form (see below if using OneContact) with the referral. 


OneContact is a new software tool which makes it easier to complete the form. Patients can be sent a link to a long COVID questionnaire, which they complete using OneContact, and this pre-populates much of the referral form on behalf of the GP. More information is on our long COVID referral pages

If you need any support in getting set up with OneContact, please contact the support team: (Please note this is for OneContact enquires only)

0113 512 1969   

Training and resources

You can access our free long COVID training schedule as well as links to national and local long COVID resources via the Community of Practice web pages.

The first session is ‘What is long COVID including pathophysiology, symptoms and red flags’. Register now for this session.

Local long COVID services for patients

The latest information on our local long COVID services for patients is available via the following web pages: