Homerton Dermatology Update - Advice and Guidance and Teledermatology

Dermatology Update - Advice and Guidance and Teledermatology

Patient Photos- only via Teledermatology with full work up

Homerton requests that all photos, including patient photos, are sent through Teledermatology on e-RS.

Please do not send any photos via A&G. Photos sent via A&G will be rejected with the advice to send them to Teledermatology. The A&G change was only brought in as a temporary measure during the initial COVID response. 

All photos should include a completed Teledermatology referral form and we ask that GPs do the necessary work-up in Primary Care.

For lesions, this includes taking a dermatoscopic photo to ensure that Homerton Dermatology can give the best possible guidance.

Patient photos should only be sent in where the patient is vulnerable and unable to attend their practice in person. This should be flagged in the referral form to avoid any unnecessary rejections. 


2ww Requests

Regarding 2ww Teledermatology requests, patients are seen more quickly through the 2ww pathway and so Dermatology are requesting that if you are confident that the patient meets the 2ww then please refer via 2ww.


How to use Teledermatology

Full guidance on how to complete a Teledermatology request, including requirements for lesions and rashes, can be found on the Teledermatology service page- click here to access. 

If you need any support with training or have any queries about the service, please Contact Nick James, at the GP Confederation, at nicholas.james4@nhs.net.