Homerton - bariatric and foot health referral info


Please can you ensure that the attached referral template is added when making a Post-Operative Bariatric request/appointment via e-RS. 

For more information on the Bariatric Service we offer and to access alternative Bariatric referral forms, please visit the below link: 


Foot Health

The Foot Health service has undergone some changes, and has now been built as a RAS service: 

RAS Foot Health (Podiatric Medicine) - STLH - RQX20 

The team will be triaging their referrals prior to an appointment being booked. Therefore, please can you ensure a referral is attached at the time of making your request via e-RS. 

Note – The Foot Health team will not see your request in their worklist if a referral has not been attached. 

In order to find the service, please select the following: 



Clinic Type