Healthy Weight Coach elearning programme

In July 2020, the government announced an ambitious strategy to tackle obesity. To fulfil the commitments made in this strategy, it was announced that an additional £100 million in 2021/22 will be available to improve the support for adults, children and families to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. This funding has been dedicated to expand the availability of the full range of weight management services across England as well as improving signposting and referrals to weight management services.

The strategy also included a commitment to offer all primary care networks the opportunity for staff to support people to achieve a healthier weight by training to become a healthy weight coach.

A healthy weight coach will engage and support people living with overweight or obesity to help them make positive changes to their health and health behaviours to promote a healthier weight. They will be well-placed to signpost or, where appropriate, refer people to weight management services.

Supporting people to move towards a healthier weight can have important benefits to the health and wellbeing of the individual seeking support, as well as individual primary care practices, primary care networks and the NHS by reducing ill-health related to overweight and obesity.

On completion of the elearning programme, you will have the skills and confidence to have meaningful conversations to support people to move towards a healthier weight.