Good Thinking app to help your mental health

Did you know there is a free app designed to help tackle sleep, anxiety, stress and depression, and mental wellbeing? 

The Good Thinking app can support individuals in managing their own mental health and building resilience. There are over 120 online resources through Good Thinking, including:

  • wellbeing information sources
  • guides to improving mental health
  • courses on and offline
  • mobile apps and other therapy approaches

How Good Thinking works

The app breaks things down into the 4 most common mental wellbeing areas: 

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • low mood
  • sleep

They then ask 3 simple questions, and once you’ve answered, the algorithm gives you 4 resources and apps picked for you. Your top 4 picks are tailored just for you and based on your answers to the questions. Most of the resources and apps we are free. Good Thinking is available 24/7 on any device and is completely anonymous.

However - if you need urgent support click here click here

For further information and to download the app, visit the website here: