Funding and toolkits to reduce carbon footprint in primary care

In November 2021 two useful resources were launched to help primary care settings measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

At the COP26 UN Conference HSBC announced a small business loan which GP practices are eligible to apply for.

Another helpful resource has been developed by a GP for GPs to calculate their practice’s carbon footprint. By entering a few pieces of data you can find out where to focus efforts to reduce your practices impact and in tun improve the health of the population. The NEL estates team attended the launch event and believe that it could also be utilised by pharmacies and dental practices.

We will be back in touch soon to promote Net Zero clinical leadership opportunities, how you can contribute to the NEL ICS green plan and to launch a greener inhalers campaign.

Meanwhile, you can join NHS staff in supporting the NHS’s efforts to become net zero by joining the NHS futures space for Greener NHS communities.

A simple to follow video guide can be found at (3:42 minutes)