For action: All staff entering a care home need to be vaccinated, unless exempt

25th August 2021
Dear Sir/Madam

For action: All staff entering a care home need to be vaccinated, unless exempt

New government regulations come into force on 11 November 2021, requiring care home staff to refuse entry to anybody who cannot provide evidence that they have had two doses of a Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) approved COVID-19 vaccine, or that they come within a specified exemption. This applies to all Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated care homes providing nursing or personal care in England.

In order to prepare for 11 November, when the new regulations come into force, you will need to take a number of actions:

 A system for capturing and monitoring vaccinated and un-vaccinated staff – this system needs to ensure that only staff who have had two vaccines visit CQC registered care homes. As there may be a future booster or other compliance requirements it is recommended that the system captures the date of the vaccination

 Encouragement of non-vaccinated staff to receive their first vaccination prior to 16 September 2021 – staff entering care homes will need to have received their first vaccine by this deadline in order to be fully vaccinated before 11 November.

 Assessment of any gaps in provision – if there is insufficiently vaccinated staff to deliver a service to care homes this needs to be escalated to us. We would expect that this will form part of your business continuity plans. Please contact: Selda Bicer to alert us to any concerns. When identifying any gaps you should consider: specialist roles; any roles which require entry to care homes; or services where there are insufficiently high numbers of fully vaccinated staff members

 Staff know and have evidence of their vaccination status – it is important that staff are able to provide evidence of their vaccination status, or clinical exemption. It is important that services check staff ability to demonstrate this to care home staff upon attendance

 Services are aware of which addresses are registered CQC care homes – it is recommended that any CQC registered care home is flagged on the service records so it can be easily identified. We have provided a list of all CQC registered Care homes in north east London here. Please note this requirement covers all CQC registered care homes not just care homes for older people.

We would recommend to help support the implementation of the above that each service has an identified lead to ensure the implementation of this requirement.

1. Please refer to the FAQ’s and NHS guidance attached for more information.

We will need you to escalate any identified gaps to no later than Friday 3 September 2021.

We thank you for taking this requirement forward, please do contact Selda Bicer should you require any additional advice and support.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Jagan John

Diane Jones
Chair Chief Nurse & Caldicott Guardian

NHS North East London CCG

NHS North East London CCG/ICS

North East London Health and Care Partnership