Elective Access policy for BHRUT

The Trust has been working in partnership with CCG colleagues to review and update the Elective Access Policy for BHRUT. This has been developed alongside colleagues from primary care, divisional and specific area teams, commissioning, and BHRUT’s patient representative group.

The Access policy sets out the ways in which the Trust ensures that patients who are referred to BHRUT have fair and equitable access to services and that services themselves have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in line with national performance standards for both elective care and cancer.

This has been a great opportunity to ensure the new access policy reflects a number of new initiatives and innovations that the Trust is adopting since two waves of the Covid pandemic, which will surely help our patients to achieve easier access to our specialities. These will include:

  • Faster detection of cancer that supports earlier diagnoses
  • Using advice and guidance referrals that can help patients without needing to attend a clinic appointment
  • Patient initiated follow up (PIFU) that helps empower follow up patients (non RTT) to quickly access services when they become symptomatic
  • Triaging referrals promptly to ensure patients are seen by the right speciality consultant for their condition the first time round and ensuring the patients have completed any necessary tests to improve the clinic experience
  • Health Inequalities: recognising the different types of population the Trust serves and ensuring patients accessing elective services from different backgrounds are treated fairly and are not disadvantaged by operational systems and processes
  • Recognising covid is staying with us for the time being and therefore providing clarity to our patients in how the Trust will continue providing safe elective services

We are now sharing the draft policy with colleagues and partners for a 3-week consultation period. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback you would like to share with the policy development leads in this time, please  email them to Rebecca.barry1@nhs.net by close of play Friday 4 March. Comments received after this time may not be considered prior to publication.

We are particularly keen to hear your feedback around the following areas:

  • Consultant upgrades onto a 62-day pathway (cancer pathway)
  • MDT meeting arrangements (cancer pathway)
  • Patient optimisation/patients who are unfit for treatment (cancer pathway)

Please note all diagrams will be in a standardised format prior to publication.