Data management and coding for patients with ongoing Covid symptoms

Whilst most people feel better from COVID-19 infection within a few days or weeks of their first symptoms, for some, symptoms can last longer and may lead to Post-COVID-19 syndrome (often referred to as Long Covid).

Data is critical to enable us to learn more about this new condition, to help inform clinical management and service planning and design. We would therefore encourage colleagues to use the following core SNOMED codes:

  • Ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 (1325181000000106): 4-12 weeks after infection
  • Post-COVID-19 syndrome (1325161000000102): 12 weeks plus after infection

The NHS has established 90 specialist Post-Covid Services across England. After ruling out alternative diagnoses, clinicians should consider referring people to a specialist Post-Covid service any time from 4 weeks after the start of acute COVID-19. Typically, referral after 12 weeks is appropriate given high rates of spontaneous recovery with self-management advice up until that time point.