Current training and development offers June – November 2022

A range of training and development offers to support those in practices and Primary Care Networks to develop skills and confidence with using quality improvement tools and techniques. Having a box of tools to draw on and a knowledge of when and how to use them will help with tackling a range of challenges now and in future. All training is delivered by experienced faculty members which comprises practice-based clinicians and non-clinicians and improvement experts who have worked extensively with general practice and wider primary care.

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Forthcoming events - Topic based modules




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Sessions of up to 90 minutes each focusing on specific improvement topics and approaches.  Some are standalone, while others are part of a series, ranging from introductory level to greater depth in some topics. 

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Demand and Capacity modular series – cohort 7 (4-webinar series)

 More dates available shortly, starting late June 2022.

 ‘Clinic’ sessions will be available from July 2022. These are for individuals to bring data/problems to discuss. Places will be very limited.

Thursday 9th June 2022- 12.30 – 14.00

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 More information to follow.

Demand and Capacity modular series – Cohort 7

Safe, reliable processes (Reliable design) II

This module will enable you to improve the safety and effectiveness of your primary care processes to 95% by using the SAFE approach. This involves the identifying any errors (actual or potential), determining the nature of any contributing failures, prioritising starting points, and determining actions that could be taken to reduce the likelihood of errors occurring or causing harm.

Participants should have attended Reliable Design I session and have a grasp of the basic theory from this module.

Safe, reliable processes (Reliable design) II


23rd June 2022, 12.30 – 14.00

Safe and reliable process (Reliable design) II



This is a 90-minute session focusing on a tool that can help to avoid miscommunication - the SBAR tool then including practical starting points for using the tool in practice.

Effective communication using the SBAR tool


Tuesday 5th July 2022; 12:30 – 14:00

Effective communication using the SBAR tool



Forthcoming events - What is quality improvement?




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What is Quality Improvement?

The session will include an overview of the key components of successful change, how quality improvement techniques can be used to make changes and how to get started, using a tried and tested, practical approach.

What is QI?


Tuesday 6th September, 12.30 -14.00



What is Quality Improvement webinar - booking form  



Forthcoming events – Getting Started series




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The ‘Getting Started’ series is designed to help you think through how you are going to approach any improvement you want to make in practice.

 It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Getting Started Series: Project Outline document, which can be accessed online through this platform:  Getting started series - project outline v1.4 - Primary Care Improvement CONNECT - FutureNHS Collaboration Platform

Getting Started webinar “A Safer Home Visiting Blood Test Process (Reliable Design)

 This webinar shows how a team can use the Model for Improvement to address problems with reliability by designing safer processes.


 Wednesday, 29th June 2022, 12.30 – 14.00


A safer Home visiting Blood Test Process Reliable Design - Booking form



Getting started webinar ‘Document Workflow’

Do you want to improve your document workflow process? Would you like support in creating a roadmap to getting started with quality improvement tools and techniques in practice? This webinar will include a case study to show how you might approach improving the document workflow in your setting.


Thursday 14th July 2022, 12.30-14.00


Document Workflow – Booking form



Getting Started Long Term Conditions - Patient Recall

 This webinar will demonstrate an example of how to approach improving the recall system for patients with long term conditions in practice, using quality improvement techniques.

 For more information, click the link:

Getting started series Long Term Condition Patient Recall v1.0

Wednesday 9th November 2022


Long Term Condition - Patient Recall - Booking form


 Forthcoming events – Fundamentals of Change and Improvement Programme




Date/ Time

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An accredited short, practical programme held over two sessions, providing an in-depth introduction to Quality Improvement for those in general practices and PCNs.  Participants bring a small, specific problem or issue to work on.

Please ensure you read the programme information before applying. 

Fundamentals of change and improvement Programme

Cohort 12v: Thursday 6th and 20th October - 09.15 - 15.15



Fundamentals application form

Cohort 12v applications open Monday 4th July 2022 and close Monday 26th September 2022 (or earlier if oversubscribed)



 Forthcoming events –  Improvement Leads Programmes




Date/ Time

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Primary Care Network Improvement Leads programme

A development programme for those with lead roles in Primary Care Networks such as GPs, nurses practice managers and PCN Managers.  The focus is on large scale challenges and opportunities in complex environments, PCN-wide and potentially beyond.

 Six days (three x two-day modules) with a pre-programme webinar, participant support sessions and action learning set sessions.  Participants lead a large-scale change improvement priority for their Primary Care Network.

Primary Care Network Improvement Leads Programme

Summer 2022 cohort

  • Calls with applicants held between 27th May – 15th June
  • Deadline for priorities: Fri 17th June 2022, 12:00
  • Preparatory webinar: Thurs 30th June 2022, 13:00-14:00
  • Module 1: Wed 6th and Thurs 7th July 2022
  • Support Webinar 1: Wed 27th July 2022, 13:00-14:00
  • Module 2: Wed 7th and Thurs 8th September 2022
  • Support Webinar 2: Wed 5th October 2022, 13:00-14:00
  • Module 3: Wed 2nd and Thurs 3rd November 2022
  • Action Learning Set 1: Wed 14th December 2022, 13:00-16:00
  • Action Learning Set 2: Thurs 19th January 2023, 13:00-16:00


PCN Improvement Leads programme application form

Summer 2022 cohort: applications open 12th April 2022 and close 8th June 2022 (or earlier if oversubscribed)











General Practice Improvement Leads programme

An accredited personal development programme for those working in general practice, including GPs, practice managers, nurses, reception managers and senior administrators.  Participants gain new perspectives, skills and confidence in using quality improvement tools and techniques (improvement science) for service redesign and leading colleagues and teams through change. 

 Six days (three x two-day modules) with support sessions and an optional coaching call in between modules.  Participants lead a small-scale change improvement challenge in their own practice.

General Practice Improvement Leads Programme

Further cohorts to be available shortly, starting September 2022