Covid vaccine resources and training

COVID-19 Training Programme Overall Link: staff should complete:

1)core training module & assessment
2)vaccine specific modules & assessments once they become available
3) vaccinators should also complete basic life support and anaphyliaxis training
4) vaccinators who are returning after a prolonged period should also complete face to face practical training in vaccine administration - assessment and competency sign off should be completed before they administer the vaccines

COVID-19 Training Immunisation – Legal Aspects

COVID-19 Training Immunisation – Vaccine Storage

COVID-19 Training Immunisation – Vaccine Administration

COVID-19 Training Introduction to Anaphylaxis

COVID-19 Training Recognising and Managing Anaphylaxis

Public Health England (PHE) COVID-19 Programme Page

Provisional Guidance about the vaccines:

-the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines
-the dosage and schedule for the UK
-recommendations for the use of the vaccine

NHSE guidance to Trusts & Primary Care about COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

NHSE Primary Care Bulletin - regular updates about COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Future NHS Collaboration Platform - Compilation of key materials for COVID-19 Vaccination Programme