COVID-19: Revised reporting process for the deaths of healthcare workers

Dear colleague,

COVID-19: Revised reporting process for the deaths of healthcare workers

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the incredible work you and your teams have been undertaking in supporting the NHS response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the compassion you have shown to the families and next of kin of those colleagues who have sadly died.

In Prerana’s letter of 28 April 2020, she informed you of a Rapid Notification Process for reporting deaths of healthcare workers via the HCWnotification inbox. You were asked to notify us within 24 hours of the death of a colleague confirmed to be COVID-19 related. This process has enabled us to consider the impact of COVID-19 on our workforce and develop appropriate responses.

The National Incident Co-ordination Centre (ICC) has now enhanced the Central Patient Notification System (CPNS) to capture where the death is a member of healthcare staff. This will now enable you and/or your colleagues to provide this information at local and regional levels as outlined in the attachment to this letter. Where a member of another employer’s staff sadly dies due to COVID-19, please work with that employer to confirm all the details, ensuring the information on CPNS is complete and correct.

As a result of this change, with immediate effect on receipt of this letter the HCWnotification inbox will be closed and you will be able to:
• continue to report hospital-based deaths directly through to CPNS (flow chart below).

• report out of hospital (community based) deaths to the Regional Patient Notification Team (email inboxes listed below).

I am attaching the updated our CPNS Reporting Guidance in accordance with this correspondence for your reference.

To summarise, the only change that is made to the staff deaths notification process outlined in Prerana’s letter dated 28 April 2020 is the requirement to now report staff deaths to the Regional Patient Notification Team instead of the HCWnotification inbox. All other aspects of that letter remain unchanged, including the scope.

Should you have any queries regarding this letter, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Director of Workforce & OD or Regional ICC office.

In the meantime, many thanks again for your ongoing support during the pandemic and re-set.

Yours sincerely,
Em Wilkinson-Brice
NHS Deputy Chief People Officer