COVID-19 antibody test results flowing to GP records

Results from COVID-19 antibody tests are now flowing into GP records. From 10 September, when a person undertakes an antibody test that is taken through the public antibody portal (an industry ELISA test), the result will now be loaded directly into their patient records. This will be in addition to flowing of test results for pillar 2 viral testing and will follow the same process, according to each practice’s GP IT system provider of choice.

Results will be presented on patients’ records as ‘positive’, ‘negative’ or ‘unknown’. As for viral testing, there will be no action required from the GP practice on receipt of the test results. Bulk upload of test results into GP records will take place without any manual patient by patient process. GP practices will shortly receive further guidance by their own system supplier about how this will work in their own system of choice, as well as details on how results will be filed in the system.