COVID-19 advice to GP practices on limiting referrals to Barts Health

Due to the high numbers of Covid19 patients, the arrangements for outpatients at Barts Health, as laid out on the 22nd of December 2020, will remain in place until further notice.  Please see attached update regarding current access to diagnostics and therapies.

Barts Health Covid 19 Outpatients Update 22 December 2020

As the numbers of people who require hospital treatment for Covid 19 increase, Barts Health needs to make as many staff as possible available to provide intensive and acute care in its hospitals.

This means we are making a number of changes to our outpatient services, including cancelling all routine face to face outpatient appointments. These changes will be in place for a minimum of three weeks, when they will be reviewed.

Barts Health is confirming with each service any arrangements specific to their speciality for keeping patients well, avoiding admissions and managing the provision of urgent advice. This information will follow over the next few days.

Referral info and contacts here


For routine referrals, we are asking GPs to seek advice and guidance (A&G) where appropriate, and to limit referrals into Barts Health unless they cannot be managed solely in primary care.

For urgent referrals, GPs are asked to seek advice and guidance, to clearly note within the NHS electronic referral system (eRS) that the request is urgent and to provide a mobile number so that one of our consultants can contact them directly if necessary.

Where an appointment is required, these will be remote where possible.

For emergencies, the usual referral routes apply. The two week referral pathway for symptoms that indicate cancer will also continue as usual.


A status update on diagnostics provision will be shared as information becomes available.

Information for patients, the public and GPs

Barts Health will be contacting patients about changes to their upcoming appointments by telephone and letter.

Update information about changes and FAQs will be posted on the Barts Health website and social media channels.

Updates for GPs will continue to be shared with the WEL and NEL CCG communications hub.

Helping to keep patients away from hospitals where possible

Virtual clinics will continue for as many appointments as possible. A process is in place for the supply of medicines to patients who attend virtual appointments and arrangements have been made for Barts Health patients to get blood tests in community clinics.