Community Pharmacist Consultation Service FAQs

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service where patients with a minor illness who contact a GP practice are offered a same day consultation with a pharmacist is set to be rolled out in NEL in the coming weeks. It means people with minor illnesses can be assessed and treated more quickly. This means GP practices can devote more time to people with more complex health needs and ensure that everyone gets treated at the right time, by the right healthcare professional. 

A patient contacting the practice will be assessed and if deemed appropriate, with the patient’s consent, a secure electronic referral is sent to the community pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The pharmacist will contact the patient to arrange the consultation and then send a summary back to the GP. 

The service has already been successfully piloted in five areas around the country. 88% of referrals were completed by the pharmacist and 97% of patients who used the service said they would do so again. 91% of practices said they would recommend using the pathway to other practices.

The service is now operating in NEL. You can find a set of detailed FAQs on it attached